Surfing & Paddleboarding


Paddle Boarding

Berrara is the ideal location to learn this exciting new sport.

Berrara lagoon is the ideal place for calm water to learn to stand and paddle the board. When you have confidently mastered standing and paddling you are ready for the surf. At the entrance to Berrara creek is a very small rolling wave. The wave rolls for a long distance and is ideal for the beginner to learn to ride the surf. With this mastered, you can move further along the beach to the breaking wave offshore suitable for the experienced paddler.

Paddleboard lessons and hire are available locally.


Berrara Beach provides a range of surfing options for the beginner to the advanced surfer.

For the beginner, a surf school operates at Berrara Beach. For those more experienced there are breaks further down the beach and reef breaks off the rock ledge. Famous surfer of yester year, Robert Conneally, cut his teeth surfing the reefs around Berrara. Why mix with the crowds when you and a few mates can have the surf to yourself. The extensive surf means Berrara is never crowded.