Berrara Beach Holiday Chalets

Berrara Creek & Lagoon

The entrance to Berrara creek consists of a lagoon that runs into the ocean.

This lagoon is ideal for toddlers. Families have come to love the diversity of Berrara Creek from the lagoon for the toddlers, the deep water swimming further down the creek or the excellent surf for adults and teenagers. Generations of teenagers have body surfed Berrara Creek and beach.

When the swimming is finished, the whole family can explore the safe rock shelf. A white rag stuck on fish hooks attached to a stick attract the octopus. A myriad of crabs and shell fish, cunjevoi and the occasional abalone call the rockshelf home.

No need to entertain the kids. Kids of all ages love to swim and explore the beaches and rocks of Berrara.

Berrara Beach surfing Berrara Beach paddleboarding Berrara Beach paddle boarding